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An enchanting role-playing game

Raid: Shadow Legends is a free role-playing game that features turn-based combat. Designed for Windows, the game takes place in a fantasy world that you must liberate from the clutches of a Dark Lord. It offers multiple campaigns, villains and heroes, collectible characters, base building, arena battles, real and AI players, and more. Moreover, the game offers cross-platform support and is available for download on iOS, Android, and macOS devices. 

What is Raid: Shadow Legends?

Raid: Shadow Legends PC download is a turn-based combat game with role-playing features. The premise of the game is simple, acquire champions, clear different levels, strengthen character skills and compete again. As the game progresses, the difficulty level also increases, making it tougher for players to win against dark forces. You can play the action-packed game manually or in auto-mode.

When you download Raid: Shadow Legends, you get access to 300 characters from 16 different groups. You can hand-pick characters to compete in the game’s campaign mode that takes place in 12 different locations. The campaigns with voice-over storylines allow you to pair different characters to create an invincible champions team. Players can also compete in boss battles to unleash additional resources. 

The rewards that you attain from winning a battle or campaign let you unlock characters, upgrade weapons, increase skill level, and add a range of customizations. Moreover, Shadow Legends features high-end graphics and sound effects that remind one of the expansive Lord of the Rings. The game also features a compelling storyline that offers hours of intrigue and entertainment. 

What is the gameplay of Raid: Shadow Legends?

Raid: Shadow Legends gameplay takes place in a fantasy world called Teleria. This world is under the spell of the Dark Lord Siroth and can only be saved if you answer the summons of the lost city and get ready for battle. Your aim is to create an army of champions that can participate in arena battles and clan boss challenges. You must also clear dungeons and complete various missions that the game offers. 

In your quest to liberate the world, you must train your champions to take down the villains of Siroth. Raid: Shadow Legends download provides over 1 Million character builds that you can utilize to strengthen your army of heroes. You can also devise a game-winning strategy that uses a range of unlocked tools and skills to fight against the dark forces

What can you expect from the game’s graphics?

One of the best parts about playing Raid: Shadow Legends PC download is that it offers a visual treat to players. With high-end graphics, life-like animations, and a detailed fantasy world, the game gives players the feeling of living through a beautifully designed universe. The only drawback is that the user experience is hampered by unnecessary pop-ups and clicks throughout the game. 

How can you collect characters in Raid?

Raid: Shadow Legends download has 16 groups that include barbarians, elves, skinwalkers, demon spawns, and more. All of these factions combined make up for up to 300 champions that you can win or unlock after crossing a level. The game also has different types of champions such as common, rare, legendary, or even epic. Fusion function allows you to mix skills and create special champions. 

How do you boost character strength?

You can increase the power of your champions by using artifacts, masteries, and skills. While you earn champions by winning a battle, you need artifacts to help upgrade their battle equipment. The game also lets you update their combat skill and increase affinity. Affinities are champion characteristics that range from magic, force, spirit, and void and they work like the hand game rock, paper, scissors. 

Does Raid: Shadow Legends feature boss fights?

Apart from clan boss fights, the game features 4 more game modes, including campaign, faction wars, arena battles, and dungeons. All battles work by pitching your champions against 3 different enemies. You can either fight them off manually or use the auto-battle mode to cross the level. While you can participate in almost all flights using the single-player mode, you must be part of a clan to fight in clan boss battles.

Are there any additional features?

For beginners, the game features a comprehensive Raid: Shadow Legends guide that can help them understand all the intricacies of the RPG genre game. It also contains information on campaign modes and provides tips that can help you win different battles. Additionally, the game also lets players join a clan, participate in team-based challenges and increase their global rankings.  

Is Raid The Shadow Legends free?

While Raid: Shadow Legends is available for free, it does offer a lot of in-app purchases. The game features silver as the primary currency, which can easily get depleted when you upgrade the equipment of your champions. The game has fallen from grace mostly because of the number of microtransactions and pop-ups it offers. 

Are there any alternatives?

Tiger Knight is a role-playing game that requires strategy and survival skills and is a great alternative to Raid Shadows. One Troll Army is an action-packed game with a focus on building cities and empires. ATOMEGA and Octogeddon are two entertaining strategy and arena shooting games that take place in different fantasy worlds. 

Should I download Raid: Shadow Legends?

Raid: Shadow Legends is a role-playing game that requires a lot of resource management skills and strategy. Featuring a fantasy world covered under the shadow of a Dark Lord, the game requires you to collect champions and turn them into invincible heroes. It comes with over 300 characters that you can collect and upgrade using the in-game currency. With 5 gaming modes, high-end graphics, and a series of adventures, Raid: Shadow Legends is worth giving a shot. 


  • Offers up to 300 characters
  • Features high-end graphics
  • Provides multiple gaming modes
  • Comes with an automatic battle function


  • Has a massive influx of pop-ups

Older versions

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

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